Precision Prosthetics, Inc


“Precision Prosthetics was my first and last choice in prosthetic care. I have heard so many horror stories about other places and I’m glad I started here. They gave me confidence from the very beginning, no task was too big or out of reach. I love that they care so much about your wellbeing that they will stay after hours to help you if you really need it. They have their own lives as well, so I never take that for granted or abuse it. I will recommend them any day of the week and give them 12 out of 10 stars! Thank you for caring about the patient instead the money, it’s been proven time and time again.”

“If you need them, you need the best.

From the time you walk in the door, their goal is to make you something that will improve your life, not make something that you dread wearing.

I have been dealing with this for 31 years now and at various places and coming to Precision for the last 5 years of it. As long as there is a way to get here…I’ll keep coming back. They will have to lock the doors to keep me out.

Hope you give them a chance, and your outcome is as good as mine has been.

Thanks Skip, Jeff, Alex, Crystal and the rest of the gang”

“I need to give a HUGE THANKS to Precision Prosthetics.

I’ve watched my husband go through this entire process of a below the knee amputation, the fears, the nervousness, the doubts, the pain, the healing, the battle to walk again, the courage to work again. It’s all been a shock to me and my husband has taken it all in stride.

He handled it all much better than I did. There were a few complications getting the prosthetic leg right and adjusted to where there was no pain.

Then when he was finally able to get his insurance to approve Precision Prosthetics as his new leg people, his whole life changed. The first time we went there we felt at home.

It’s never felt like we stepped into an office or facility, more like a friend’s home.

Skip Martin is also an amputee and he knows all the problems, aches & pains that a new amputee has to go through. He has made it to where my husband doesn’t even think about not having a leg. His prosthetic leg is like a natural part of his body. He’s happy, he no longer has any doubts as to what he can or can’t do.

My heartfelt thanks to Skip and his entire staff at Precision Prosthetics for giving my husband and me our lives back.”