Precision Prosthetics, Inc


Precision Prosthetics, IncMany of our patients are pediatrics. We understand and recognize the fact that when it comes to fitting children with prosthetics the circumstances are completely different than they are with an adult. No parent ever anticipates the fact that their child may need prosthetic care. Whether the amputation is the result of a disease, an accident or is congenital, you can rest assured that these children will be well cared for at Precision Prosthetics, Inc 99% of our staff are parents and we treat all of our pediatric patients as if they were our own.

From the mother of a 2 year old patient of ours, “From our initial meeting, it was evident that your extensive knowledge of prosthetics (both professionally and personally) and dedication to your patients set Precision apart”.

From a 29-year-old woman who has been a patient of ours since she was 15 years old, “Skip and his team won’t stop until it’s perfect. They treat each case individually. I can’t over recommend them.”

From the Grandmother of our 9 year old patient, “We found ourselves in a world we knew nothing about! Still coping with trying to heal his physical and emotional injuries, we had to find a prosthetist to get him walking again. We took our pediatrician’s advice and went where he suggested. Lonnie was measured for a prosthesis in October 2005, and in February 2006, I was “harassing” them to please get his prosthetic leg ready. The prosthetist avoided my calls, but finally, I was able to get the owner to help us. The prosthetic leg fit poorly and was constantly keeping Lonnie’s leg irritated, rubbing the grafted skin and making sores. It was very disheartening and scary to think that was what his life would be. In May 2006, Lonnie had more surgery and we knew we had to find a better way. We had heard of Precision Prosthetics, Inc but weren’t sure if it would be any different.

By chance, my husband met a lady who was an amputee and had gone to the same prosthetic company where we had taken Lonnie. She had equally bad experiences with them. She told my husband about Precision and how proper fitting prosthetics had changed her life. So, we went to Precision, too.

I didn’t believe “Mr. Jeff” our prosthetist when he told us how soon Lonnie’s new leg would be ready. The entire process was totally different from our previous prosthetic experience. These people are “custom” fitters in every sense of the word. They work their hearts out to get it right – they care. With so much grafted skin and growing so fast, Lonnie needs special attention and adjustments. Tim’s personal experience as an amputee with excessive skin graft tissue was invaluable to us.

They are always available and do their best to take care of every need. From Bonni and Crystal, who greet you and offer you a Coke, all the way to Skip Martin, the owner, they make you comfortable and let you know your needs are important. Mr. Martin, an amputee himself, has shared his personal story and given invaluable advice and insight. It’s been 4 1/2 years now, and although Lonnie still has some sad moments, he’s a healthy, happy nine-year old, who can’t be slowed down. He plays baseball, golf, is an amazing fisherman and swims like a fish. He’s a straight “A” student and a gifted musician, but that’s another story.”

From the mother of our 8 year old patient, “After several procedures and surgeries, no definite diagnosis for cancer type, and failed chemotherapy, one thing became clear. To save his life, his foot and leg from shin down would need to be amputated. Although heartbroken, we were encouraged that he would have a chance at life without radiation, no more harmful chemotherapy and could be as normal as any healthy child. Our journey, however, did not develop as an easy one. He was very small, only 2 years old, and our original providers could not seem to meet his needs. As my little, cheerful, spirited guy tried to get himself back in the game, running around on poorly fit prosthetics led to a wound on the bottom of his leg. For nearly 2 months, he was unable to walk at all. We were cancer free but disheartened, believing that he may spend a life full of frustration and limitations. We heard about Precision from strangers on two different chance meetings where they saw us out shopping. Our son was of course sitting in the back of the cart, and these people stopped us to tell us the wonderful success they had since becoming patients of Precision. Then we went. We had nothing to lose. Since that time, over 5 years ago, he has been able to play karate, soccer, and roller-skate. No problems, no limping, no pain. Precision has become like family”.

We understand that making a decision of where to take your child for prosthetics is one you never thought you’d have to make. If there is one piece of advice we can offer to you, it would be to go visit and interview as many prosthetic companies as you’re able to. Use the company that you feel the most comfortable and confident that your child will be well cared for.