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“April 16, 2007 at 2:25 p.m., I was standing on a ladder helping a friend remove siding from his home when I lost my balance and fell about 10 feet. The fall shattered right ankle leaving me with a compound fracture. I was taken to St. Bernard’s Hospital, in Jonesboro, AR and then to The Med in Memphis, IN for surgery. They tried to ropair the damaged bone and placed an external fixation device through the bone at my knee and heel to try to keep from having to remove the foot. After 3 weeks, I went back for a check up and was told that the blood flow wasn’t good enough in the foot to keep it alive. They suggested removing the foot and fitting me with a prosthetic. After talking with my wife and praying, we felt our only option was to amputate so that we may get on with life. Precision Prosthetics Inc. of Memphis there immediately after surgery to fit me with the prosthetic. As a matter of fact, while in recovery I awoke to someone asking me for my shoe size. When I asked why, he said, so I can give you the right size foot for your new prosthetic. Precision Prosthetics has been a life saver for me. I am a pastor of a church and being able to walk and get around on my own is very important to me. The folks at Precision made it possible for me to carry on with my life and my calling. They have always told me if anything we do or tell you to do “hurts,” then let us know so we can fix it – and they have. Their goal for amputees is to be completely pain free, and able to get on with every day life.

Thanks Skip, Jeff and all. I do appreciate you all.

Thanks Precision. What a great job!”

“I have been wearing a prosthesis from Precision Prosthetics for the last 15 years and can’t go anywhere else. Other shops can’t accommodate all of my requirements in an artificial limb Successfully, Skip and his team won’t stop until it’s perfect. They treat each ease individually rather than create “stock” limbs that usually end up disappointing in comfort and performance. I can’t over recommend them!”

Los Angeles, CA – 1,820 miles​​​from Memphis – Syme Amputee

“I have been riding motorcycles since 1967, but in June of 1994, a motorcycle/pick-up truck accident resulted in a right leg. below knee amputation for this 46 year old. By November of 1994, I was back in the wind on a prosthetic leg. Being an active person, I did not let the new disability slow me down; however the new legs kept slowing me down I was constantly having adjustments and new legs built. The design and fit just did not work well, plus I could never get a long lasting comfortable fit. Until August 2003…

On a trip to the Sturgis, S.D. 2003 Rally, I met “Skip” as he was also en route with his Boss Hoss und in his cut off Levi’s, “Hey, another one legged biker like mell” I watched him “skipas he casily moved around as crews got their rides ready for the next days ride into Buffalo Chip 1 introduced myself and asked who made his right leg. Skip said he builds his own, so be has total comfort and that he had a prosthetic company in Memphis, TN. We agreed I needed better equipment as well as a comfortabic, long lasting fit.

After returning from Sturgis to my home in Dixon, IL, (580 miles from Memphis) I called for a date to come to Memphis, TN. In early November 2003, I was in Memphis and Skip went to work building a test socket – finally comfort!! The rest is history in its meking Precision Prosthetics build my first “ugly leg” as Skip and I call it which is a private Joke between us But it is all about the comfort and the total performance of the new equipment. I was bome for 2003 Thanksgiving and walking the best I had walked in nine years – with total comfort.

Since then I have had modifications because of body stamp changes with new prosthetics made. Each time Skip and his crew at Precision have done marvelous jobs in building me comfortable legs with state of the art components. They understand a person’s needs and deliver with a smile and true professionalism. 1 recommend them to anybody who does not have total comfort with their prosthetics.”

“I need to give a HUGE THANKS to Precision Prosthetics.

I’ve watched my husband go through this entire process of a below the knee amputation, the fears, the nervousness, the doubts, the pain, the healing, the battle to walk again, the courage to work again. It’s all been a shock to me and my husband has taken it all in stride.

He handled it all much better than I did. There were a few complications getting the prosthetic leg right and adjusted to where there was no pain.

Then when he was finally able to get his insurance to approve Precision Prosthetics as his new leg people, his whole life changed. The first time we went there we felt at home.

It’s never felt like we stepped into an office or facility, more like a friend’s home.

Skip Martin is also an amputee and he knows all the problems, aches & pains that a new amputee has to go through. He has made it to where my husband doesn’t even think about not having a leg. His prosthetic leg is like a natural part of his body. He’s happy, he no longer has any doubts as to what he can or can’t do.

My heartfelt thanks to Skip and his entire staff at Precision Prosthetics for giving my husband and me our lives back.”


Bobby – left/above elbow, right/below knee

Doug – Above The Knee

Tammie – Above The Knee

Dave – right/above the knee, left below the knee

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