Precision Prosthetics, Inc


Edward "Skip" Martin

Skip Martin is a lifelong Memphian. He became an amputee at the age of 18 as a result of a motorcycle accident. He went on to graduate from Northwestern University in 1973 with a degree in prosthetics and 14 years later, he opened Precision Prosthetics in 1987. Skip’s drive, persistence and dedication to his patients are a few of the things that have always set him apart from everyone else. He does not accept a negative outcome.

Jeff Skahan, CPO

Since 1977, Skip Martin and Jeff have shared a mutually close friendship with the same passion to rebuild amputees to their fullest ability. With their similarities of designing unique custom prosthetics, Jeff joined Precision Prosthetics in 2005. He brought his INTENSE ENTHUSIASM which enhanced the company’s ability to achieve extreme positive outcomes to all ages of male and female, upper and lower extremity amputees. Jeff has inspired and educated many patients and fellow co-workers with his empathetic and creative talent. Jeff, (aka "Doc") and his wife both share a love for delectable hot sauces. They have a successful business offering a variety of sauce and mustards. Their website is www.docshabaneroheaven.com.

Timothy Skorupa, CPA

Tim first came to Precision Prosthetics as a below-the-knee amputee patient in 1998. He had never felt comfortable prosthetics since his accident in 1987. At this point he had 11 years of misery trying to walk and function daily! He got life enhancing comfort through OUR prosthetic socket system. This sparked his inner ability and desire to help others achieve what he has experienced. Tim was hired on and became part of Precision Prosthetics team in 1999. As an amputee, Tim has a definite understanding of what amputees need most: comfort and mobility. Through this, his ability to help others has been appreciated by so many of our patients. We are very grateful to have Tim and his valuable input as a part of our team.

Milton Bull, LP

Milton (or Bull as he likes to be called) joined the Precision Prosthetics team in 2007. He and Skip have been friends since 1974. When they met, they both worked at the same limb and brace company. Bull has ALWAYS been a meticulous craftsman/technician which fit right into our standard of quality. He helps us with countless odd jobs involving leather and sewing. Now at Precision, he’s learned to make our custom silicone locking liners for all levels of amputations. He loves putting his high standard of quality into our claim-to-fame, Precision Prosthetics Sweat Proof Locking Liner. He’s originally from Jamaica but has been loving and living in our USA since 1969. If you see him, he responds to "Hey Mon"!

Zack Martin, CPA

Zack is the oldest of the three Martin sons. He was raised in a household with a very active father, which in turn, instilled into him a passion for helping amputees to have functional, meaningful lives. He has worked to pursue this mission with Precision Prosthetics since 2002. He has a strong desire to carry the goodness that our company creates well into the future for the enhancement of the lives of amputees. His commitment to the Martin family and the company is appreciated by everyone he meets. He and Skip have enjoyed the blessed opportunity to take several cross-country motorcycle trips which were fund raisers for the Fisher House Foundation, a foundation based on helping to support military families outside military hospitals where their war injured loved ones are being treated.

Alex Martin, CPA

Alex is the second Martin son. He shares the same feeling as Zack about helping amputees to be comfortable and as active as their dad. In 2003, Alex walked in on his dad making a different and unusual design for an extremely challenging amputee. When Alex heard the amputee so graciously thanking his dad for creating something so special and out of the ordinary, it was a life changing moment for Alex. He then decided that he wanted to use his own very creative abilities to carry on making amputees comfortable. To this day, he has been one of the most technically gifted people that has ever worked at Precision Prosthetics.

Greg Martin, CPA

Greg is the youngest Martin son. Like his older brothers, uncomfortable prostheses do not make sense to him. He continues to improve his passion toward the vision of helping amputees to have normal, pain free lives. Unceasing persistence has pushed Greg through a Bachelors degree, now working on his Masters program, which will finish up his formal training and certification with American Board of Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics. Learning successful techniques, used through the years at Precision Prosthetics, will provide him the ability to keep the very high company standards going into the future

Drew Hill

Drew joined the Precision team in 2016; however, he is not new to the world of prosthetics. As a child, Drew was a passenger in an automobile accident that led to his mother’s amputation. Drew grew up seeing firsthand the importance of comfortably fitting prostheses. He graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago in 2011. He then began his residency prosthetics program while living in Northeastern Arkansas. He completed his board certification in prosthetics in 2016. After beginning his family in 2014, he made the decision to live closer to home and has since moved to Hernando, MS.